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Welcome to The Ground Higher! Come and be part of a small group of business owners like yourself in a private setting to develop long lasting relationships and the camaraderie of fellow Marketplace Leaders.


The Ground Higher is a roundtable gathering led by a trained facilitator that meets once a month for 3 hours. Each member is given opportunity to share about their challenges unique to being a business owner in Hawaii. The Ground Higher members have a vision of taking their company to the next level.




At The Ground Higher the focus is on you, because we believe:

“Business exists to provide opportunities to express aspects of your God-given identity in creative and meaningful work. Business also exists to provide goods and services that will enable the community to flourish.” (Theology of Business, Van Duzer, 2010).

Anyone can do the work that you’re doing, but only you can fulfill your own destiny.

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Each meeting starts with a short devotional thought with time to reflect on how that lesson applies personally. This will set the stage for the Business Content to follow. Next, we allot time for various members to share current issues they’re facing and have the rest of the members weigh-in on the matter. Then we have lunch and fellowship.

A key part of The
Ground Higher is the Core Presentation – We have set aside a separate day for each member to present a business plan to the entire group where you will receive feedback, wisdom and counsel. You’ll be asked to present 3 issues currently holding you back from moving forward. We find that the Core Presentation has been a key impact for many.


The Ground Higher emphasizes 3 areas of life: Professional, Personal and Spiritual.


Our curriculum contains the “basic fundamentals” needed in every organization: Leadership; Management; Finances; Marketing; Sales; Branding; and more recently, Emotional Intelligence. The Business segment is derived from concepts and techniques applied in leading organizations and recognized as such by the Harvard Business Review as a Business Best Practice. We take these Business Best Practices and summarize them into 3-5 pages of easily applicable lessons written for your business in mind.


A devotional thought takes the Business segment’s main idea and shows where it’s found in the Bible. We like to use Biblical illustrations to validate every process and technique used by successful companies. In this way, you’re assured that the lessons are not just good ideas, but principles taken from a much higher source. The Ground Higher coaches can be assigned to help you apply these principles in your personal life during a monthly One-On-One session.


We encourage a personal relationship with God that will help you to understand the importance of your unique life assignment. We believe each person has a personal mission statement that defines who they are and what they are to leave as a legacy. Our desire for each member is to attain a consistent level of faithfulness to God and not just be successful. Therefore, we believe that without a personal transformation, you cannot achieve the next level. The Ground Higher’s mission statement is ‘to lead business leaders towards life transformation.’ For without transformation, it’s just business as usual.