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Darren Wada

"Being part of The Ground Higher keeps me accountable to my relationship with Jesus while running a business that exemplifies His name!  Also, it brings together leaders who understand how hard and lonely it can be!"

Reid Mizue

The business that I steward receives incredible guidance from a spiritual standpoint. The grace that God provides especially in the business world and to business owners is tremendous. Knowing the brothers and sisters of The Ground Higher expands my knowledge of business and knowledge of such Grace.

David Yew

"The Ground Higher provides guidance and direction for our business.  The foundation is built on Godly counsel and wisdom.  It provides a forum to help solve problems, share experiences and also provides accountability for the business to function morally and ethically."

Shawn Kurihara

One of the values I have gotten from being a Ground Higher member is a community of believers sharing biblical and business principles in better stewarding God's company.

Dave Asato

"As an owner of a company for 37 years, it is very lonely at the top. Ground Higher has encouraged, guided my company, family, health."

Rendell Bourg

Having a great team of professional members to mentor me through the ups and downs of running a business. My family is at peace knowing I am getting Godly consultation.

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