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Our Story

The Ground Higher (GH) started in 2006 by a group of local, Christian business people from various churches across the island, with a mission of “building great businesses for a greater purpose.” Although there are many networking opportunities out there, the founders wanted to create a group anchored in the concept of stewardship. Stewardship meaning that God owns the business and you are stewarding His will. And so Ground Higher was born---an active round-table experience for Christian business owners in Hawaii looking for deeper fellowship, understanding and clarity in their life-purpose and in their business.

Observing how many business owners in Hawaii run their companies without any kind of business coaching or mentoring support is truly astounding. If you have big dreams for yourself, accountability and leadership development can make the difference in keeping you focused and accelerating your vision. And this also extends to your family, your personal life, and most importantly, your spiritual walk. Perhaps, the greatest need for Hawaii’s business owners is for each one to know their role as a steward in God’s Kingdom and to discover God's purpose for their life. GH mentors are committed to walking with them through their life journey.

Our Story

Our mission

The Ground Higher’s mission is to equip and inspire business leaders towards life transformation. For without growth and transformation, it’s just…business…as usual, and God calls all of us to step into the spotlight of our full potential. 

Our Mission

our vision

Through faith, The Ground Higher will guide businesses towards ultimate success.

Who We Are

The Ground Higher is a network of successful Christian businessmen and women in Hawaii who support each other in living out God’s vision for their companies. A network of believers who have experience in swimming upstream in the secular world, come together to help coach, train, teach, fellowship and mentor members in three of life’s primary pillars: PROFESSIONAL, PERSONAL, and SPIRITUAL.

Who We Are
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