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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your own brain trust? 

Core Business Presentation 

Each member is extended the opportunity to participate in giving a core business presentation which allows business owners to receive feedback from other members that benefit the companyʻs strategic development. CBPʻs are scheduled twice a month and each session is allotted two hours. The presenter is given the opportunity to outline their business plan, including past and current financials, along with a balance sheet. Members will help address three core issues, identified by the presenter, that they need help in solving.


Community Wisdom

Community wisdom is shared time in the Executive Board Roundtable Meetings, which occur monthly, where members can share any issues they are facing that may need input and counsel from the group. Drawing from the experience of others and tapping into this “community wisdom” has saved members time, costly mistakes, money, and emotional stress. 

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Accountability Network

Despite the best of intentions, as you probably know it is easy for time to get away from busy people like business owners. Action steps are commitments each member makes to the rest of the group to help keep us accountable and progressing forward. For example: a personal action step would be to exercise 3 times a week for thirty minutes per workout. The action steps fall under three different key categories: Professional, Personal and Spiritual. Each member is required to set three action steps per month which the group helps to support. 

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